Monday, 31 October 2016

Busy week (43)

For the past two months Finn has been completely obsessed with Lego (the little ones, not the Duplo anymore). He has a few sets and plays with them all day every day. Trying to extend Lego play to other learning areas I suggested that we take photos of his builds and make a book. He was so enthusiastic that he took the pen from my hand as I got ready to take dictation for the captions/descriptions and wrote them himself! I didn't know he had the stamina to write more than one or two letters at a time, he surprised me! He is so proud he has been showing off his book to friends and family.

He decided to make gingerbread men without a recipe... sorry Finn but we can call that one a total failure!

His Lego creations are so well thought-out. Always symmetrical.

Listening to a meditation after a fun yoga session.

Finn loves having his little brother next to him while he plays and Noah looks fascinated.

We've been reading a lot of Enid Blyton. "The adventures of the wishing-chair" is much loved. As you can see, we get reading requests first thing in the morning.

More Lego play and mobile watching.

Some brotherly time...

More brotherly time, more Lego...

We took a friend's dog for a walk.

Played in the leaves at the Botanic Gardens.

And picked up some litter at our local park.

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