Sunday, 30 October 2016

Busy week (34)

I usually post on Sundays photos of that week and I intend to continue doing that. However, I have missed a few weeks due to our new baby being born and I just found photos that were taken just before his birth that I hadn't yet posted. So today I'm going to go back and reminisce about life with one child!

Finn isn't really into sea life anymore, at least not at the level he was at at the start of the year. but he really enjoyed reading this book together and especially looking up some related videos on the Usborne website. Some Usborne books are "internet-linked" and offer a great source of media. You can print most of the illustrations from the book and that's what we did as Finn wanted to make a collage.   

Finn likes to randomly decide that it is one of our birthdays. On the day this picture was taken he had declared that it was daddy's birthday and we were going to prepare a surprise. He made about ten paintings for his dad! 

He said: "I think it's going to rain." So he sat outside to wait for it.

Cutting up socks to help me with a sewing project: Upcycled cloth sponges. He was extremely focused and did this work for over an hour.

My mum came to stay with us for a week when the baby was due. She missed the birth as Noah came a week after his due date but we got to spend some lovely moments together. 

Two hours of sand and water fun at a park in Oxford.

We went to a board game café (Thirsty Meeples for our local friends).

Of course, Finn's favourite was a silly monster game!

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