Sunday, 21 August 2016

Busy week (33)

I had an impression that we hadn't done much this week but looking through the photos on the camera for this blog post I realise we have actually done quite a lot!

The photo below was taken on Monday morning before breakfast. Finn sorted all the cards to match the geometric solids.

He was in a great mood for work that day, as he asked afterwards to do some maths. I can't remember how he came to it now but he asked if we could try and find out the result for 110 + 110 + 110 + 110 + 110... etc. I believe it is quite common for children to want to find out the sum of the same number added to itself many times. I asked him to just tell me how many 110s he wanted to add together, and he said 20. I showed him how we could write it down as 110 x 20 rather than the very long addition and talked a bit about multiplication. I suggested he laid out his operation using the beads, which is what he has done in the photo below. We then counted all the tens, swapping for 2 "hundreds" when we got to 10, then did the same for the hundreds.

The result of an operation always leads to more questions for Finn, so naturally 2200 was one of the factors for the multiplication below, which he made up: 2200 x 4. I suggested he uses teddies to make it more playful, which he loved. He shared out the beads between the toys before adding them all up.  

Proud boy!

The infinity book is still a work in progress (obviously!)

To allow him to be a bit more independent with the golden beads after noticing that he found it difficult to get the correct number of beads he needs I decided to push him a bit with teens as I wasn't sure he could remember all of their names. It turns out he really enjoyed playing a simple bingo game I printed off the internet.

I also wanted to reinforce how teen numbers are made as he got confused the other day trying to get the matching amount of beads thinking as 12 as 1+2 rather than 10+2. His work below, which wasn't fluent as I had anticipated.

We have a new music CD called "Here comes science" by We Might Be Giants. The music is great and it came with a DVD that has music videos. Finn has been really inspired by the songs to learn more about science.

He has been asking me to do more science experiments. The one below is a simple density experiment with golden syrup, water and oil. We followed up with a separate container in which we put just oil and water before adding washing up liquid to see if we could mix the oil and water together.

He asked to do the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment.

This is another activity from an Usborne activity book (we made a pirate treasure bag last week). Making an Egyptian mummy - aka making a dripping mess! It turned out quite good in the end and we also made a sarcophagus for it.

The highlight of the week was Lena's visit on Friday! Lena was au pair from Austria while I was doing my Montessori training. She looked after Finn between the ages of 18 months and 2 years old.

Have a great week!

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