Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A visit to our playroom

Come with me for a playroom tour! This room is everybody's favourite room in the house, so it definitely deserves its own blog post.
Our playroom is actually the second bedroom in our house, which will eventually become Finley's bedroom when he is ready to move out of ours (that is, not soon).
This is the view from the landing. The natural light makes this room particularly inviting in the morning.

I'm very pleased with the way our continent boxes are displayed. They take little space and are still easily accessible. I was very lucky to find the perfect shelves! They are also quite easy to make, even with cardboard. You can find many tutorials online for using cardboard to make shelves.

I got a few questions about the set of felt numerals I made and whether Finn uses it. The answer is yes! They are perfect and they have been used a lot recently (most days) to teach Finn numerals through games which he enjoys (involving movement mostly).

 There are two cupboards in this room which are very practical to store materials that are out of rotation. Finn sometimes asks to have something from the cupboard, and we let him have one thing only. When he is finished with it, he must put it back in the cupboard. If he wants to keep it in the playroom for longer, then he needs to put something else in the cupboard. That way we ensure that we never have too many materials out and the room remains tidy and inviting.

 The basket on top of the shelf holds books that are related to particular continents, and they are linked to the continent boxes with a miniature picture of the front cover inside each box. More on that in a future post.
The box with the "oo" peeping out is where we store our felt letters and phonograms. We loved the numeral set so much that I made those out of felt as well!  

DIY dressing frames in a DIY booksling... you'll find a lot of DIY in our house!

Here's the best part of the playroom: the block corner. The platform is a coffee table without its legs. It's now a permanent, hard surface, work area. It's ideal for many works. Blocks, obviously but also jigsaw puzzles and so many more things we don't necessarily realise would be better on a hard surface.

And finally, his chair and table, which are in fact rarely used (in favour of the wooden platform), except when he was very into tracing insets (he's having a break with that, now). Next to the table are our zoology puzzles.

Is there anything I forgot to mention? Do let me know in the comments if you would like to know more about anything.


  1. J'adore cette pièce, qu,i effectivement est chaleureuse et donne envie d'apprendre/jouer.
    Nous sommes à la recherche d’étagères du même style que les tiennes afin qu'Enola puisse prendre ses jouets et les ranger comme une grande. En tout cas c'est vrai qu'une pièce bien rangée donne envie d'y être!

    1. Merci pour ton commentaire! Tu me diras si Enola arrive a ranger toute seule quand vous aurez les étageres.

  2. Yay! A tour! Finn's playroom is such an engaging space. I especially love the building platform. Wish I could come over and look through all the lessons you've put together - you have such a clean and natural sense of style! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for your nice comment! The "lessons" on the shelves are mostly materials taken out of their original boxes and displayed in baskets. He seems to prefer those to home made works!

  3. What an inviting room! And I love the idea of the coffee table - my kids end up using a lot the top of the movable alphabet box. Here is our space :) Best, Anya


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