Sunday, 23 November 2014

A merry Montessori Christmas to you from Tower High Learning!

Would you give a child a Montessori material as a Christmas present? I know I would (and probably will!)
Maybe not a division board - unless the child is a maths fanatic - but puzzles, cultural and practical life items? Definitely!

Check out the selection of materials available from Tower High Learning below. Which is your favourite?

Tower High Learning are being generous this Christmas and offering readers from France a special discount on postage! By using the code 10UKP4FR at checkout you will get £10 off shipping for any orders over £50. If you meant to place an order with them, now would be a good time! The code is available until Christmas.

Grow Grow Grow is a Tower High Learning affiliate. I wouldn't recommend a company that I'm not entirely satisfied with.

Happy shopping!

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